ESAP2 EMRDA’s Best Practice Stories Published by Management Agency’s Annual Publication.

EMRDA has long lived documentation experience of Success Stories and Best Practices originated from its projects. Thus, ESAP2 project team has participated in MA’s 2016 annual “Communication and Documentation Award” in two categories. The categories are “Most Significant Change Story (MSCS)” and “Social Accountability Hero (SAC) Hero”.  2017 Communication & Documentation Competition was focused on Sustainability and Scaling of SA in Ethiopia.  This award competition is among all SAIP operating all over the country. Among over hundred organizations which submitted their stories, EMRDA’s stories have finished as one of the final eight nominees. This honor was recognized by the MA through publishing EMRDA’s Most Significant Change Story on its annual MSCS Publication. In connection to these, EMRDA has won the second prize in previous 2015 Communication Award in MSCS category.