EMRDA Signed ESAP 2 Bridging Phase Extension Agreement

ESAP 2 project aspires to contribute to the empowerment of communities and service providers in ensuring transparency and joint accountability in improving education service delivery. Accordingly, EMRDA has targeted  Thiro Afeta and Kersa Districts of Jimma Zone, Oromia Region in the first 2 years implementation phase (September 2013- December 2015).  During this execution period, EMRDA was able to Implement Social Accountability Tool Such as Community Score Card (CSC) and establish District and Kebele Level Social Accountability Committees (SACs) comprised of community (Service Users) and Local Government  Stakeholders  (Service Providers). EMRDA facilitated systematized joint collaboration between the community and service providers applying SA procedures and principles.  This collaborative efforts has resulted in enormous education service improvements in targeted 6 Primary and Secondary Schools, which includes, Fully equipped IT education unit establishments, additional classrooms construction, separate girls latrine construction, water service were availed and various other improvements were effected in the schools.


After the initial two years were completed, EMRDA was fortunate enough to be selected by the donor as Social Accountability Implementing Partners (SAIP) to continue to implement the project in the bridging phase. Moreover,  due to EMRDA’s solid performance in the first phase, the organization was presented the opportunity to add one more district (Jimma Town) as target intervention area in addition to the existing two Districts. Since January 2016 to date, EMRDA is implementing ESAP2 bridging phase in 3 districts of Oromia region, Jimma Zone and Jimma town Administration. Throughout the period, the projects performance has been repetitively monitored, evaluated and results were measured by Management Agency (ESAP2 Grant Management Body). As a result, EMRDA’s achievements was found adequate enough to be selected to extend to the bridging phase up to September 2017. The prime objective of the bridging phase is to serve as a transition period from ESAP 2 to ESAP 3, which the later is tentatively planned to start on January 2018.