EMRDA Facilitated two Experience Sharing Visits Among Its target Woredas Involving Zonal, Woreda Officials and Woreda & Kebele Councils

It is evident that EMRDA is implementing ESAP2 project since September 2013 to date. The project targeted 3 woredas namely Kersa, Thiro Afeta and Jimma Town in Oromia region with the aim of improving Education service delivery. Throughout the life span of the project, many remarkable achievements were witnessed as a result of strong collaboration & partnership among service users (Communities) and service providers (Schools & woreda officials). In that respect, EMRDA has facilitated two experience sharing visits between mentioned woredas to promote cross-learning for enhanced performance and to ensure sustainability.

Vibrant participation of Woreda Social Accountability Committee (SAC) and Woreda councils is critical in Social Accountability process. Accordingly, Kersa (Serbo Kebele) and Jimma Town hosted the visits participating over 70 government and community stakeholders. Participants were comprised of heads of Zonal &Woreda signatory sector offices, service users, community groups, Woredas and Kebeles councils. Core Lessons & best practices shared from Kersa woreda includes:-  Strong and organized SAC at Woreda level, Scaling up of SA & Community Score Card (CSC) to other sector (rural road), Efficient utilization of public resources to service users needs, and participation of local communities in planning and monitoring of public services.

The second visit was organized in Jimma Town. Strong suits of Jimma town performance were: Inclusiveness or way of addressing the special need student’s demand, success of scaling up their own lessons to other cluster schools and taping in to diversified source of resource for IGA internally and externally towards schools service improvements. The sessions were concluded on promising note of all Woreda participants agreeing to collaborate for learning, sharing from each other and scaling up to the other sectors. Furthermore, News of the experience sharing visits was transmitted through Jimma Fana FM Radio 98.1 and expected to rich around 1.2 million people living in and around Jimma and Iluababora zones. This news coverage was facilitated as part of EMRDA’s ongoing SA sensitization effort to the rest of the community.