Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association (EMRDA) is one of the pioneers indigenous CSOs operating in the country In the endeavors of realizing its purpose, EMRDA has engaged in education and training, enhancement of public health and livelihood (socioeconomic welfare) interventions by contributing to create resilient citizen that could contribute to and benefit from the development of the country.

The education program focuses on the provision of access to basic education and improving the quality of formal education in unprivileged community residing rural areas. The health program, on the other hand, focuses on public health programs like Maternal and Child Health, mitigating Communicable diseases, interventions on SRH, and HIV & AIDS prevention and control. The livelihood program, emphasizes youth and women empowerment, small scheme water development, OVC and PLHIV car and support, WaSH service, Environmental protection, and food security, and capacity building for the local community and government institutions mainly to enhance their project implementation capacity.

EMRDA also engages in emergency relief and support programs whenever and where ever need arises. Moreover, EMRDA has also another thematic program such as TVET training and community management training projects to benefit the community.

EMRDA programs are implemented in the form of projects in various parts of the country including, Oromia, Amhara, Afar, SNNP, and Harare regional states, Diredawa Council, and Addis Ababa Administration.

Major program achievement

EMRDA has provided service to an estimated 9 million needy and vulnerable groups of the community benefited directly and indirectly from its intervention in various development activities in 8 regions and more than 80 woredas in the country. The major achievements are:

  • Education 43 ABE center and 3 primary formal schools were constructed in Afar and Oromia including one community skill training school which gave access to 57,000out of school children and adults. These include the 12 ABE Centers constructed in concrete construction in Afar Region.
  • Maternal and child health: 11,657  mothers and young children were benefitted so far by grant from DCA, Save the children and MOH(DFID)
  • Communicable Disease: 3,868,098 community members were benefitted TB, HIV and Malaria protection and control by fund from Christian Aid.
  • Youth and Youth Club: 50 youth clubs were established and 19 youth centers were constructed. About 12,500 youth have benefited from the capacity building packages.
  • SRH/HIV/AIDS (Youth Focused): Program on SRH, HIV/AIDS and harmful Traditional Practice had addressed about 3 million beneficiaries in the country.
  • Income Generating Activities (IGA): 1995 PLHA and guardians were trained and provided with seed money to be involved in different income generating activities.
  • Orphan Vulnerable Children (OVC): had benefitted with school materials, psycho-social support, clothes and food items.
  • Women Empowerment: 540 women groups (15,000 members) are assisted by the program, hence they are provided with different trainings, capacity building and Income generating packages.
  • Community skills training (TVT): EMRDA skill training center was constructed in an area of11, 000m.sq. Land in around Addis Ababa Alemgena Daleti.  It+s providing training to about 360 unemployed youth each year. Beside EMRDA has been providing internship vocational training (metal and wood work sewing and embroidery) within the localities for about 520 beneficiaries.
  • Community Capacity Building: EMRDA has capacitated over 1000 Iddirs and 1500 Community conversation (CC) sessions in 7 Region and 72 districts, which constitutes about 900,000 people.
  • Small-scale Water Development: About 40,000 people in Oromia region got access to safe drinking water from 20 hand dug Wales and provided  WaSH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) service.
  • Relief: 136,000 people have been benefited from EMRDA’s emergency and seasonal relief program which has been supported by IDB and Muslim Aid UK.