Resource Mobilization

Funding obtained from foreign donors account for major budget share of the organization to finance its development programs of the Association.  Mainly, project proposals are prepared on different program area submitted to donors to mobilize resource required for their implementation. Developing project proposals is the major mechanism through which the organization is mobilizing resources to finance its development programs.

Over the past years, EMRDA has made significant achievements in terms of diversifying its donor base.  The number of donors of the organization financing the annual budget of the organization has grown significantly in 2015.  The annual budget of the organization received from these donors has also grown from birr 10 million to 20 million per annum in average between 2011 and 2015.

Source of fund

EMRDA is currently working to establish systems to generate own resources.  The organization is planning to run projects that have additional advantages to the organization in terms of generating resources. Through its Community Skill Training School, Membership contribution, special events and integrated rural development activities, EMRDA is planning to generate resources needed ensure the continuity of programs and sustainability.

In line with this, EMRDA has already launched Domestic Resource Mobilization programs by developing guideline and organizing fundraising committee. In the preparation work the Board of Directors, the management committee members and staff the organization have involved actively.  Different approaches of resource mobilization will be selected to generate resource and promote the image of the organization among the public. Birr 56 million is to be achieved with in the SPM period.