SPM (2016-2020)

EMRDA was established in 1994 and became operational by launching its first project targeting children in difficult circumstances in Oromia and Addis Ababa regions and it was a pioneer among CSOs to develop its capacities and design and implement strategic plans. EMRDA carry out its operations based on continues and regular strategic planning Document. The first strategic plan (1998-2002) of the organization placed special attention only to education, relief and water development interventions covering limited parts of the country. On the basis of a critical assessment of the achievements, challenges and problems of first strategic plan, a second three-year strategic plan was developed and implemented during the period 2003-2005 which apparently helped the organization to broaden its program and expand its geographical coverage. It was during this time that the organization has undergone unprecedented moves and successes in implementing Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, CBOs capacity building, adult functional literacy and alternative basic child education, construction of multipurpose community based vocational training institution and OVC care and support, rehabilitation projects in Afar, Oromia and Amhara regions.

EMRDA was successful with an average of 70% and 90% in the 1st and 2nd SPM implementation. The 3rd SPM, the total cost was Birr 56,848,000.00 out of which Birr 49,745,000.00 was a program cost.

The fourth strategic period implemented over a period of 5 years between 2011and 2015 in the past SPM new style of intervention and strategies were applied. EMRDA started sub granting funds to local NGOs, it able to access resource from government sector, donor agencies, and individual philanthropic, The TVT center were operational and other important achievements were undertaken.  Meanwhile, the scale of development in terms of human resources, annual budget, efficiency and effectiveness of implementation was found promising.

In general the 4th SPM period considered successful in many aspects; it is a period where EMRDA owned its own office. Registered 67% increase in annual budget utilization. The overall financial accomplishment of the 4th SPM was 75% of the planned Birr 125,600,000.00 (which is 94,114,192.02). The basic reason for under accomplishment is inability to get permission on Interest free microfinance (IFMF), Delay in construction of the 18 ABE, and shift in budget of Climate Change. Read more  EMRDA 5th SPM from (2016 -2020) (PDF)

EMRDA 5th SPM EMRDA has successfully prepared the 5th SPM for the year 2016 – 2020 periods. In the five years plan, EMRDA has aimed to mobilize birr 210,888,830 (34 % increment from the 4th SPM) out of which Birr 36,745,813 has already been secured and the rest is to be mobilized from in and outside the country. Based on the Strategic Planning document, resource mobilization strategic are also prepared to identify and trap the resource that is estimate to be birr 56,000,000 which  account for 20% of the five year SPM budget. When the SPM is classified in sector or unit, 26% of the total program budget (154,888,830) is budgeted for Education and Training Unit, 47% for Public Health Unit and the rest 27% for Livelihood Unit (including food security and environmental protection). In the 5th SPM Period it’s aimed to address 372,632 direct and 2,049,476 indirect beneficiaries.

Strategic plan from 1995 to 2015