EMRDA celebrates its new office inauguration.


Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association (EMRDA) celebrated the inaugural ceremony of its new office bought in 2011 which was held on December 31, 2011 with assortment of people from General Assembly, Board members, honorable guests and members of EMRDA had attended the inaugural ceremony.

The New office of EMRDA is located at Kolfe Keranio sub city in front of Zeneb Work Alert Hospital along the old road at the back of Ayertena police station. The office has existing offices of around 20 rooms in the compound of 2125m2 of land where the new building (G+7 twin) will be constructed with all modern facilities to establish its own multipurpose center in which all of its envisioned programs, offices, Interest free Micro Finance Institution & community Management Training Center that links the programmatic activities with the microfinance scheme. Will took place in a roof. 

During the ceremony, Haji Kemal Seid, the General Assembly Chair Person made an opening speech welcoming the guests for attending the ceremony. Followed by, the Executive Director of EMRDA, Haji Adane Mamuye, gave a brief elucidation about EMRDA’s program & future direction.

The Vice Chair Person of Board of Trustee of the association Haji Abdurahman Yesufe on his part gave the Names of the founder of the association and comprehensive enlightenment about the establishment of EMRDA 18 years ago and its prior magnificent movement. He also made the audience aware of the success factors and accomplishments in providing services to the community.

Furthermore, the current thematic focus areas and its 4th Strategic Planning Management (SPM) (2011-2015) the first year activities plan was briefed by Ato Maru Suleman, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager and likewise the program officer Ato Ahmed Mohammed presented the 2011 accomplishment summary of program report.

More to the point, the audiences had extended their warmest positive response for EMRDA and its efforts. They had also avowed that they would support the exertion of EMRDA in its entire venture. The event was sponsored by Pro Development Network (PDN).