EMRDA handovers Young People in Action project to concerned stakeholders

EMRDA handed over one of its largest project Young People in Action which was implemented at 9 woredas of Amhara and Afar regional states, to the woredas main stakeholder “Women Children and Youth office” with the presence of beneficiaries’ representative from Government and Community leaders.

The project which was funded by Big Lottery Fund through Interact Worldwide, prominent partner of EMRDA, empowered young people for the past four years from (May 9, 2008 up to May 8, 2012) with a total budget of around 11 million birr. The project was implemented in cooperation with the stakeholders to enhance awareness of young people reproductive health service. Prevention and control of HIV / AIDS and solving other youth related social and psychological problems.

Meanwhile as the project was completed on last 8th may, 2012 based on its agreed schedule EMRDA publicly handed over the constructed youth centers, fixed assets which were donated by the project and the reproductive health clubs to the woredas Women Children and Youth office to ensure the sustainability of the service which had been given to beneficiaries.

Nine youth centers were constructed and served the youth as places of discussion on their Sexual Reproductive Health issues. The youth centers were constructed in Amhara region in Efrata Gdm district (Jeweha kebe1e), Jile Tumuga(Bete kebele), Dawa Chefa(Shekela kebele), Qewot(Rasa kebele), Artuma Fursi(chhefa Robit Kebele) and in Afar region Dulessa, District (Duulesa Kebele) Hadelela, (Hadelela kebele) Amibara, (Werer Kebele) and Argoba (Gachene Kebele). The local community and key volunteers of the project such as Project Advisory Committees, CMC were highly participated in the construction of the centers. The centers were constructed in such a way that they can serve the youths in their local context.

The youth centers are well furnished with necessary equipment and furniture. Such as Generators, Tape recorders, Megaphones, Televisions, DVD players, Game player, Cassettes with Reproductive health and HIV / AIDS messages, tables and chairs, different academic and reference books, packs of batteries for tape recorders, full sport materials and music instruments.

It is believed that the sustainability will be ensuring by local community & stakeholders through.