EMRDA has signed a Project Agreement with CSSP programme grant.

The Proposal submitted for Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP) has been accepted and EMRDA signed a project Agreement on Dec 23, 2013. The Project titled “Mitigating Girls Education Challenge” will be implemented in three Woredas of Silte Zone in SNNPR with 6 partners of EMRDA. The Objective of the project is to mitigate the challenges that are barrier to improve access, efficiency, quality, equity and strengthen education system with regard to the marginalized girls living in Dalocha, Sankura and Hulbareg Woredas of Silte Zone of the SNNPR. The project will last for 24 months starting from January 2014 with a total budget of ETB 6,444,705.00. It is expected that   Girls will be benefited with this project.